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Celebrated Butter Gin


This expression of Portobello Road Gin is instantly familiar but noticeably different, straight away both visually and in the mouth it is noticeably more viscous than the classic Portobello London Dry, clinging to the glass and coating the tongue, and there is shininess, it gleams in the sunlight like quicksilver. To create Celebrated Butter Gin, we use our London Dry recipe, which is then put back in to our copper stills with blocks of unsalted butter, giving the gin a smooth, creamy mouth feel.

70cl, 42%


Tasting Notes

On the nose all the expected Portobello elements are there, juniper of course, integrated with  citrus, and spice, and a gentle clean, floral note underpins the whole, like a waft of freshly laundered cotton.

On the palate it seems weightier, perhaps a tad sweeter, there is a smoothness, a luxurious density. The juniper and the coriander seed seem amplified, the delicate floral and spice notes dance in and out of frame like far away willow the wisps, present but beyond ones grasp, and whilst the finish is long the spiciness one expects from Portobello is more subdued, instead the juniper persists, lingering in a long pleasant manner.

Portobello Celebrated Butter Gin is like meeting your friends twin when you didn’t know they had one, catching you unawares, befuddling ones expectations is a thoroughly welcome turn.

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