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Founder & Director

Ged is from London originally, and found himself studying economics in Leeds in the early 90’s. On Friday 13th 1996, two years after graduating, and 6 weeks after his 25th  birthday, Ged opened Oporto. Four years later Leelex was born, and assisted by Paul Lane & a handful of others, Ged turned Oporto into one of Leed’s finest bars. Next, to world acclaim, came Jake’s Bar, projecting drinks director Jake Burger in to international bartender stardom. The Angel’s Share followed, before a move to London in 2006 resulted in the opening of West London’s Portobello Star in 2008, now regarded as a mecca for good drinks and great banter. Following extensive research and Mexican travel (someone’s got to do it) Leelex opened Neon Cactus and Cielo Blanco, both of which  were consecutively awarded the ‘Best World Food’ award at the Oliver’s. Collectively, the Leelex venues have won over 20 awards, both in the UK and internationally. Ged is father to three boys.

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